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The goal of the Parallel Logical Reasoning workshop (PLR) is to bring together researchers that actively work on the building of tools for logical reasoning that involve parallel computations, with a particular emphasis on model checking and SAT solving, but any other applications related to logics are also in the scope of the workshop. Modern parallel architectures such as multi-core CPUs and graphics processing units (GPUs) provide great opportunity to speed up demanding computations, but the algorithms involved in model checking and SAT solving are typically hard to parallellise. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the community from achieving ground-breaking results in the last few years, sometimes building on earlier results that have been achieved in the last few decades on distributed computing, in which a network of machines is employed for a single computation. 

Talks and tool demonstrations

A call for talks and tool demonstrations will be published in the near future. There will be no formal proceedings, thereby encouraging speakers to bring recently published results to the attention of an expert audience. The main aim of the PLR workshop is to provide a venue in which researchers already planning to attend FLoC 2018 can meet and discuss their work involving parallel computations. In addition to accepted talk and tool demonstration submissions, a number of invited talks will be planned. The workshop website will be updated with info on the invited speakers as soon as possible.

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